Thursday, January 22, 2015

Winter Animal Tracking

This past Wednesday, we used our senses to explore our outdoor classroom. We discovered many animal tracks in the snow. We studied the tracks to see if we could figure out if the animal was a straight walker, a waddler, a hopper or a bounder when it traveled. We learned that "feet make footprints" and thought about what type of feet might have made the footprints that we found. We also saw other signs of animal life in the woods, including noticing where some animals had stopped to eat and pee. 

We enjoying a prey and predator game in the snow. 

We look forward to another outdoor exploration time soon. 

Thanks to Ms. Kane, who hiked with us through the woods behind RES and took most of these pictures.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


In December, we worked in the Math unit What Comes Next?  We spent time constructing, comparing, describing and recording repeating patterns. We noticed repeated patterns in language and music, could feel patterns in beats and in motion, and constructed a variety of repeated patterns. Making snakes was a really popular way to represent patterns in the classroom. Attached are some of the many pattern snakes that children created.

MLK Day Song from the RES Kindergarten 2015