Monday, May 19, 2014

Visiting the Farr Family Farm

Our trip to the Farr Family Farm last Wednesday was a great experience. Mrs. Farr showed us around the farm. We got to see the robot milking three cows, saw the large milk tank, learned about cow food, pet a baby calf and even helped with some chores by feeding a cart of hay to the cows. Many were amazed to see a few cows using a back scratcher.  We saw the "poop scraper" and learned how the manure is stored and then spread on the fields.  

We went outside and saw Mr. Farr plowing the field getting ready to plant corn that afternoon. We saw the corn seed, corn planter, the large tractor and the manure spreader or "poop truck". We visited with Blinkley and Cocoa, the two cows that the Farr children show at local fairs. Thanks so much to Erin Farr for corresponding with us the past few months. We also thank NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont) for funding our field trip to the farm and coordinating our connection with a local farmer.  


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