Thursday, May 29, 2014

Robots in the Classroom

This past Friday, Liz Dye visited our classroom and shared two small robot or "bots" with us. Liz is an engineering technician with Green Sea Systems in Richmond. The company designs and builds control and navigational systems for underwater robots. The kindergarten students were VERY interested in hearing about the robots that can find sunken ships and underwater treasures! Liz showed us some pictures of a robot that was recently tested in Lake Champlain.

Liz and her daughter, as student in our class, presented a robot that they built the night before her visit. They used a soda can and a kit to build this robot. I has a motor and moves on two wheels or four wheels. It "walked" around our classroom trying a variety of surfaces including the carpet, the tile, a whiteboard and table tops.

The second small robot that we saw is called "Doodle Bug". This robot held a marker and moved on a white board. Liz programmed it to print one letter at a time. It spelled "HI" to us. Then it printed the first letter of each student's name. It then printed RES.

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