Friday, May 23, 2014

Making Salsa

Making Salsa

On Tuesday,  we made fresh salsa in the classroom. Yummm!

We read several "how to" or procedure books last week. Making Salsa is an e-books in the RazzKids program. Last week, our class listened to this book and decided that we would like to make salsa too.  I copied the story for each child as well as an ingredient booklet. We researched several recipes and came up with several varieties.  The students generated a grocery list for me.

On Tuesday, we signed out the RES food cart which has most every tool that we needed. Children wore aprons and four groups chopped tomatoes, peppers, onions and cilantro. They added salt and pepper.  In addition, one group added a mango, one group added cumin, one group added an additional “spicy” (mild) green pepper and one group substituted lime juice for lemon juice. (Thanks Lisa L., Laura S., Mrs. Marcotte and Mrs. King for supervising the chopping!)  We tried all four versions of the fresh salsa… with chips, of course. 

Here is our recipe if you'd like to make some fresh salsa yourself.

     Kindergarten Fresh Salsa 2014 
       ( amount for each small group)

     2 tomatoes, chopped
     ½ onion, diced fine
     1 sweet pepper diced
       (each group had a different pepper – green, yellow, orange, red)
     Tsp. salt
     Dash pepper
     Juice of one lemon or one lime
     ¼ cup of cilantro  (Mexican parsley)- chopped (we snipped with scissors)

     1 chopped mango or peach or 1 cup chopped watermelon
     1 Tbsp. cumin (Mexican spice)

     1 spicy or hot pepper – chopped

 The veggies

 Mrs. King's group

 Mrs. Marcotte's group

 Lisa's group

Laura's group

 The salsa!


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