Friday, February 7, 2014

Learning about Owls

Our class spent several weeks learning about owls. At the beginning of the unit, we wrote down all that we knew about owls. At the end of three weeks, we made a list of  new facts that we learned. The second list was much longer than the first! The scholars had to make note of where they learned the fact - in a book, in a magazine, online (and where) or from an "expert" (mom, teacher, nature guide).  

           What We Know About Owls            What We Learned About Owls

During writing lessons, students learned about owl facts, read about those facts from several different books, then drew a picture that showed that single fact. For example, they researched facts about owl sight and eyes from several different sources, then in their Owl Book, drew a picture of owl eyes to demonstrate their knowledge.To make an Owl Habitat book, scholars looked at different pictures and discovered  information from several sources.  They colored the pictures to match the text. (Common Core - matching text to illustrations).

Students also learned songs and poems about owls, read a variety of fiction and non fiction books about owls and several student painted owls at the easel. 

We are going to make an e-book next week, with each student recording an owl fact. Be watching for that announcement soon. 

Owl Paintings 

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