Friday, October 18, 2013

Stone Soup

This past week, we read several versions of the story, Stone Soup. In the story, hungry travelers stop in a village looking for something to eat. The stingy villagers hide their food from the travelers. The travelers convince the villagers that they can make soup from a stone. As the stones and the waters heat up, the travelers suggest that the soup would be better if only they had some.... potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage, peas, etc. The villagers contribute these items and the soup is delicious. The villagers and the travelers learn how important it is to share. 

 We made a large (paper) pot of Stone Soup to decorate our classroom. We snipped paper to add to our pot. We sang a stone soup song while we worked.

Each student made their own Stone Soup book. These two students are reading one of their books together.

Ms. Chapman-Renaud met us in the cafeteria and talked about the different types of vegetables that we could add to our soup. We learned about parts of the plants. We identified which vegetables grow underground and which are stems, leaves, fruit or flower. 

The soup was delicious. I was so busy helping Mrs. Kent ladle the soup the next day that I forgot to take pictures!  Kindergarten students had fun identifying the different vegetables in the soup as they were eating it! 

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