Sunday, September 29, 2013

This past Thursday,  our class talked via Face Time with Joe Greenough, Caleb's dad, who is currently stationed in Kuwait. We  learned about Mr. Greenough's job as a firefighter with the Air National Guard.  Mr. Greenough told us about the sandstorms in Kuwait. He showed us how they protect themselves during a sandstorm. He put on a face mask to cover his ears and nose, a pair of goggles to cover his eyes, and then a hat to cover  his head. We hardly recognized him!

Caleb's mom showed us a picture of one of the firetrucks.  We learned that the Air National Guard trucks are not red like our Richmond firetrucks but tan to be camouflaged with the sand.

The students in our class all gave Mr. Greenough a big thank you for helping to keep our country safe. We look forward to seeing Caleb's Dad... in person.... in just a few weeks. He will be back in Richmond after serving in Kuwait for over 26 weeks.

Thanks Joe ... and Meghann!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Welcome to my new and improved blog. We will have a great year learning together in kindergarten!
Ms. Agner