Friday, June 5, 2015

Making Mini Books

This week, we are making some fun mini books during writing time. Each child has a story making kit that includes small blank books, googly eyes, foam shapes and fancy paper for cutting. Fiction and non-fiction stories are being created. Families will see some great books coming home sometime next week!



                                                     Ant crawling up
                                                       a flower

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Officer Brownell Visits Our Classroom

Emma's dad, Anthony Brownell, visited our classroom on Monday and taught us about his job as a member of the Burlington Police Department. He explained the equipment that he carries on his vest including a baton,  taser, camera, hot pepper spray,  walkie-talkie and  gun.

He also brought his police cruiser. We went outside where the students took turns climbing in the back seat and sitting in the drivers seat. They really enjoyed turning on the lights. It was a surprise when one of the students learned how the microphone worked. It was loud!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Guest Readers from CHMS

Today seventh grade students from Camel's Hump Middle school came to our classroom to share e-books that they had written. Each seventh grader researched a country in Africa and made an ABC book that incorporated that learning. They shared their ABC books with our class today.

It was great to hear these older students reading one on one with kindergarten students.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Celebrating Writing

We celebrated the end of our information writing unit by inviting our 4th grade buddies to come to our classroom to see our  published "How to" books.... and to share some salsa and chips. The kindergarten students made some of the salsa by following the steps in a how to book  "Making Salsa".


                Our "How to Writing" folders were packaged  to take home and share with our families.

Shape Mural

Our class built a shape mural as part of our work in the math unit Build a Shape, Build a Block. Children also took photos of their individual creations before they were added to the bulletin board. They made "Can you find...?  cards for their classmates to use.

Can you find....
      -  buildings made with triangle and squares?
      -  something with 4 rectangles?
      -  a rectangle, triangle and square in one design?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Block building

Here are just a few of the structures that were built in our block area the past several months.  Some great architects and engineers at work!

...with slide to go from one building to the other!


Happy 100 Days of School

These pictures are from February. Ooops. Just found this still in the draft box.